Scholar Activist Network

This is a temporary homepage for the Scholar Activist Network, an attempt to bring together academics who are working in and with social movements. If you’d like to sign up to the network please do so HERE.

Being a researcher involved in social movements is a great privilege, and most of us are happy to be doing our work. At the same time we can feel caught between academia and social movements, experiencing a tension between the two or struggling to juggle priorities. The compartmentalisation of academia can also prevent those of us in similar situations from meeting each other, so this network aims to break down those boundaries and help us learn how to support each other.

In particular the network will aim to:

  • Be a mutual support space across disciplines
  • Develop knowledge difficult to record in formal publications
  • Transmit scholar activist knowledge

The network aims to put on workshops and events very soon, and this page or an evolution of it will contain more detail when we have it.