This is the second part of a discussion I had with Marc Hudson, co-editor of Manchester Climate Monthly and person who has been involved in political activism – mostly of the environmental persuasion – for a few years.

Here we talk about whether political organisations are really looking for a broad membership, and the lack of long term organising and long term thinking.

Marc Interview 2 from preorg on Vimeo.

I think that neither Marc or I are the most tactful people in the world and I’m sure we both wish that there was a good discussion of political organising tactics and methods going on without us. But instead we see the same methods and ideas used over and over again, each time as unsustainably as the last, until the energy going into new campaigns and projects collapses, leaving little behind. If people are serious about political organising there needs to be critique of what has gone before, and discussion of new ways of doing things.