This is the first part of a discussion I had with one Marc Hudson, co-editor of Manchester Climate Monthly and person who has been involved in political activism – mostly of the environmental persuasion – for a few years.

I asked him about the ups and downs of political activity and why he thought they happen:

Marc Interview 1 from preorg on Vimeo.

We quickly got on to the topic of political meetings. I made some of my typical (see here) comments on consensus (on hearing my own voice so much in this video I had to change the title from ‘interview’ to ‘discussion’…) and then we then talked about the cliques that tend to actually run ‘horizontal’ organisations.

Here is the Meetings Charter that Marc mentions. I really like the comments encouraging discussion rather than lecture-style meetings but I also think it is important to emphasise that decision-making meetings are – or should be – different. I think there are actually good reasons to put boundaries around who can take part in those, in order that the people taking the decisions are the same people who will act on the decisions or be bound by them.