In this video Orson Welles makes a proposal for an organisation. The video is worth watching from about 1.30. The description of the organisation starts at 4.28 if you are particularly time-poor today.

While hedging about his proposal with all kinds of caveats to show that what he is suggesting is not based on radical ideas (including stating he is not an anarchist – remember kids, Orson Welles, not an anarchist so safe to watch), I think he hit on a more radical organisational form than he understood: a transnational membership organisation for the protection of its own members against the state.

I think there have been very few organisations that function anything like this (unions are the closest but are rarely genuinely transnational, more’s the pity) and none that I know of directly against state actions. Perhaps people didn’t care enough about the idea to implement it, but I also think it would have been technically difficult back then. Unlike in Welles’ day we now have a cheap technology that would allow us to publicise and democratically organise such an organisation.