Post by Nachopolis, a Spanish exile in London: The financial crisis seems to be moving towards new territories. Please read Unrest drags Spain towards buried unpleasant truths. Its a good […]

Developing a comment from a couple of weeks ago, there’s been a lot of talk among some people recently of the world being ruled by psychopaths. There’s even a facebook […]

If you google ‘dignity at work’ you get a bunch of websites against bullying and harassment in the workplace. But I have met plenty of people who are not bullied […]

I picked up Lovink’s book Networks without a cause quite by chance in the library the other day and discovered him talking about ‘organised networks’. Most participatory platforms emphasize a […]

Today I spent the day researching and documenting the involvement of multinational mining corporations with horrendous paramilitary groups in Colombia. I noted that, while the facts are known, each incident […]

Yesterday I was talking to a friend who does a technical job for a large company that has brought him into contact with the senior management. His initial description of […]