I’m interested in people’s intentions within organisations, in the sense that I have often found them to be irrelevant to what the orgs do. It is easy for us to be convinced that our intentions count for a lot, yet we see orgs (the World Bank for example) that neither do what they claim to do nor fulfil the intentions of many of those in the org.

So does the World Bank fulfil the intentions of anyone? Are those at the top getting their way?

Is it partially in the failure of information flows (both upward and downward, and in and out) that intentions are lost in orgs?

But we cannot just look at ‘lack of transparency’ but imbalance of power. Information and power are not the same thing, and it could be that better information flow without redistribution of power would not solve the failure of intentions.

It could also be, of course, that intentions, while good, are misplaced. The question of why this might occur is interesting – and may be related to the participants in an organisation not being the same as those affected by the organisation.